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2018 - present

Sina has a passion for enabling others through creative learning and curating. She, hereby, focuses on BAME women and non-binary people. Sina has been affiliated to the Feminist Library London to run successful events. In her approach, she combines applied psychology and arts education.

Co-Curator Tate Exchange for the Feminist Library at Tate Modern:

Curated Spoken Word event as part of Tate Exchange for BAME poets: Liaised with feminist writers (Joelle Taylor, Caroline Smith) to produce event, managed stakeholders and launched marketing to attract audience, co-curated and co-hosted the event together with Anne Pigeot: 10, 000 visitors

Creative Writing Workshop and Performance for BAME writers at Showroom Gallery:

  - Curated and project managed a two-days workshop with public performance for

 Showroom Gallery: Facilitated PR strategy, created a framework and workshop content on multiculturalism, ran sold-out workshop and enabled participants to showcase their creative expression with Westminster community; ran project-evaluation and analysis of

   of social impact in order to report the results to the Showroom Gallery

Co-curated Feminist Art Installation of interdisciplinary arts at Hilbertraum, Berlin:

  - Co-curated exhibition of the Feminist Library at Hilbertraum in Berlin by co-producing marketing campaign and exhibition material for the exhibition together with key stakeholders and artists such as Minna Haukka, Heidi Kilpelaeinen

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Public speaking at Emmanuel Centre, March 2018

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Working Over Coffee


Creative Writing Workshop "Feminism is real!" Saturday, 8th of June, 2019

Sina Sujatha Schwache (creative learning facilitator), Chiara Maraji Biasi (cultural events coordinator), and Eva Megias (zine workshop facilitator), curators of the Feminist Library, are inviting you to join a mixed-arts workshop`. As participant, you will explore that feminism is real through creative writing and zine-making practice. We will encourage you to find your own voice within feminism. As individual, you will produce a piece of writing during the first part of the workshop, while in the second part you will make a zine together with the group. At the end, you will take home the self-made zine containing your own writing.

Suitable for all women, BAME and non-binary aged 18-25 years.



Creative Writing Workshop "Waves and Voices", Saturday, 29th of June, 2019

Join Sina Sujatha Schwache (MSc), poet and creative learning facilitator, for a creative writing workshop on “Waves and Voices”. Discover the four waves of feminism (1848 - present) and feminist voices across the movement. Explore what it entails to express your own voice and to produce your own piece of writing. Rehearse and perform your piece at the end to a wider audience at Tate Exchange. Pre-booking is required. For registration, please kindly submit your interest below.

Suitable for all women, BAME and non-binary, starting from age 18.


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