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Two Dried Leaves


Sina Sujatha Schwache was born in Sri Lanka and raised in Germany in the 1980s and 1990s. She has lived in both the Netherlands and Asia in the 2000s and she is now based in London, United Kingdom. Sina has been always interested in the aesthetics of language in conjunction with self-expression. As such, she has created a creative practice around both written and spoken word. She has a passion for writing poetry and prose, but she is also keen to utilise language as vehicle for creative learning. As a professional with a background in both psychology and creative writing to degree level, Sina is enthusiastic about enabling others to find their authentic voice.

Sina is fluent in German, Dutch and English and uses this privilege as a way to inspire and empower others.

Sina holds both a Master degree in Cross-Cultural Pyschology and a Bachelor degree in Personality and Cultural Psychology.

She is currently reading a Master in Creative Writing in Berlin.

Have a look around her portfolio and please get in touch, if you wish to learn more.

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